PF (X) 1600 Air Driven Proportioner

PF X 1600

PF (X) 1600 proportioner is the latest industry air driven proportioner from PMC. A great lower cost machine for applicators where high output is not a necessity. A great system for wall insulation or truck bed lining or small industrial coatings application

PH (X) 25 & 40 Proportioners

PH X 25 & 40

PH (X) 25 and the PH (X) 40, the workhorse in the urethane industry. Relay logic, no motherboard technology, the applicators dream for ease of use and daily functionality. 

Hoses from PMC

Heated Hose

PMC low pressure and high pressure hoses are the standard in the industry. Hoses come in 3/8 or 1/2 inch hoses for all applications. Reliable, and consistent with functionality and heating. 

Fluid Transfer Pumps from PMC

GHO Fluid Transfer Pumps

PMC fluid transfer pumps, perfect for all urethane system machines and applications

Fluid Transfer Pumps by IPM

IPM IP-02 fluid transfer pumps

IPM provides a large selection of fluid transfer pumps for most all fluid transfer applications in many industries. If you need a pump to move liquid, IPM can provide you that pump. 

High Pressure Whip by PMC

Heated Whip Hose

PMC's high pressure whip is the best whip on the market. It's durability and performance is second to non, and is priced well below any competitor on the market today. 

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International Pump MFG (IPM)

IPM fluid transfer pumps

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Temperature Sensing signal wire

Temp sensor harness

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Rear view of PF (X) 1600

rear view PF X 1600

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IPM Drum Mixer

Air driven mixer

If you use a product that requires mixing, the IPM air driven mixer is the one most used in the industry. 

PMC Smart Machine PHD/PHDX-2 Series

Smart Machine PHD/PHDX-2 Series
Foam and Coatings Proportioners

Inlet Monitoring

Inlet monitoring kit

Inlet monitoring is critical for applicators to know what the accurate temps and pressures are entering the manufacturing system. 

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PMC AP-3 Air Purge Gun

AP-3 spray gun

The latest and best spray gun PMC has developed. If you used the AP-2 gun this gun far exceeds the AP-2. The best part is many of the parts interchange with the AP-2 so for applicators with the previous gun in their inventory, this latest gun is the perfect fit. 

Open Cell Spray Foam

Foam insulator

Open cell spray foam for wall insulation and attic void fills

PMC Flush Can System

Solvent flush tank

The solvent flush can is an optional piece in applicators arsenal. We recommend the flush can, a preference for many applicators. A professional unit and well built for shutting down at the end of the day spraying. You can be sure not to have any ISO issues the next day if your way of parking the gun is not working out. We advise this piece to anyone having shutdown issues in the gun.  

Urethane Systems A Component

55 Gal Drums

ISO, the A-Component of the two component system. ISO is moisture sensitive so maintaining a happy environment with your system is part of the daily maintenance with urethane systems.  

Urethane Systems B Component

55 Gal Drums

Resin, the B-Component of the two component urethane system is water soluble and is blended from many raw materials. 

Foam In Place Packaging

Foam-in-Place Packaging

Foam-in-Place packaging is the best way today to ship products. Whether your products are fragile or not, the abuse from shipping companies requires the very best protection. The E-Z Flow System is simple, reliable, and cost effective that requires NO contracts, so there is no holding customers hostage.